A lesson learnt …

I pickeA 2nd - Aster 'Chatterbox' v1 (on the night) - Chris Parnelld these asters (Michaelmas daisies) on the afternoon of the October monthly meeting (first mistake), and duly took them to the stage.  By the time that Liz judged the entries my asters were looking rather sad.  I took them home, put them in the kitchen window where they still looked droopy to say the least.  Next morning – what do I find – they have all come to life and look just as I picked them.  And they lasted a good week in the same water.

A 2nd - Aster 'Chatterbox' v2 (next morning - it IS the same flower head!) - Chris Parnell

So I now know what flower arrangers do to condition their flowers before showing them.  Pick them in the morning and give them time to re-hydrate.  Lesson learnt the hard way.

The colour difference is down to the strip lighting in the Village Hall, I think.  This (left) is the real deep pink colour, and they are the same flowers!  (Must check my camera settings in future.)

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