Sunningdale successes at Ascot Xmas Show …

1st - 'Christmas Carol' Exhibit for the Hall  - Joan WareAscot Horticultural Society held their Christmas Show recently and some of our members won prizes for photography, handicrafts, flower arranging, vegetables, and cookery.

This arrangement, entitled “Christmas Carol” (an arrangement for the Hall), won 1st prize for Joan Ware.  She told me that the music scroll was many years old.  The judge described the display as “very welcoming”.  It looked beautiful.
Joan also got 1st prize for her parsnips.

1st - Parsnips - Joan WareSue Potts earned 2nd for her very colourful Homemade Christmas Calendar and 3rd for a Jar of Mincemeat.

2nd - Homemade Christmas Calendar - Sue Potts        3rd - Jar of Mincemeat - Sue Potts

1st - Winter Wonderland - Chris Parnell

I got a first and two thirds for my photos. Winter Wonderland was taken from the second tee at Sunningdale Golf Course.


Jack Frost was taken on the way to the golf course – it’s the top of a car and very nicely shows the frost effect.  My hands really suffered while I took several shots.

3rd - Jack Frost - Chris Parnell


The dog, Maisie, belongs to a friend …

3rd - On the Move - Chris Parnell






… in the summer, one of our walks was by a small river which she loved to bound in and out of.  She’s about to leap in again to retrieve a ball.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all.  See you in the New Year.  First meeting in February is the annual Quiz against Ascot, which we will be hosting in Sunningdale.

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