Excellent ladybird talk …

As an expert entomologist formerly with RHS Wisley, Andrew Halsted gave a smashing illustrated look at the Private Lives of Ladybirds.  Very informative, we saw a plethora of beetles varying from all black (e.g. Larch Ladybird) to what we normally expect a ladybird to look like, red with spots (the number of which can vary enormously).  So, if you think a beetle looks like a ladybird, it very likely is!  It will almost certainly be beneficial helping to rid your plants of aphids.

One helpful tip to differentiate cabbage white eggs from ladybird eggs – the former are dimpled like a hand grenade, the latter are smooth.  Remove the first; nurture the second!

Andrew brought along some ladybirds for us to see:

Eve entered a cheeky flower arrangement in a cider can (sadly you cannot see all of the can in my picture!).  Her entry, along with the rest of the monthly competition entries, are on the Past Events page: https://sadga.wordpress.com/events/

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