Sunningdale regain the Alistair Fosdick trophy

SADGA: Rosemary, Chris, Liz, and Brian

The evening was very grey and wet so thank you to the team for turning out for the annual Quiz against Ascot.

Thanks too to our hosts, Ascot Horticultural Society, for a jolly evening with a tasty buffet supper.

There were four sets of questions and we ate between the third and fourth rounds.  At the end of the third round we were neck and neck at 24 points apiece.  After supper we concluded the quiz still matching each other with 32 points.  So to a tie break.

Chris receives the Alistair Fosdick trophy

Do you remember the song Tulips from Amsterdam?  Which year was it released?  We both answered 1954 – both wrong, it was 1958.  Still no decision, so on to tie break two.

Which year was the garden around Queen Mary’s Dolls House (at Windsor Castle) created by Gertrude Jekyll?  We worked out 1922, Ascot chose 1913.  A result – the year was 1924, so we were closest and were duly presented by Liz with the Alistair Fosdick trophy which Ascot had held for the previous four years.

So many thanks to Peter, Jonathan, Greg, and Jim for a sporting and fun event.  Thanks to Jenny for being Quizmaster supported by scorer Liz.  Sorry, Jenny, that we got you to repeat so many Latin names – it was very important we got it right!!

ASCOT: Jim, Jonathan, Greg, Peter

Liz (scorer) and Jenny (Quizmaster)





Back: Maureen, Sonya, Sheila Front: Eve, Agnes, Maisie, Pat




The audience did the same quiz as we did and 4 of our lovely supporters (Eve, Agnes, Maisie, and Pat) won the prize.  Thanks too to Maureen, Sheila, and Sonya for being there and willing us on.

Well done everybody.


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