SADGA Xmas lunch – Dec 6th 2018 – Adieu to our loyal members

What a great day we had at The Berkshire Golf Club chatting, eating, dishing out garden  vouchers and photographs of competition cups (in lieu of actual trophies).  The following pictures record those presentations:

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As well as the annual competition winners we had a few extra awards to make for those who had not previously been thanked.  Joan Abson has been organising our outings for some time – great work.  Rosemary is a long-time member and assistant Treasurer (helping Gwen long before I took over as Treasurer).  Eve has been creating smashing articles for the Sunninghill Parish Mag for several years using a great turn of phrase creating advice for gardeners; also putting up and taking down notices in the local area as part of her wider advertising strategy.  Brian has kept our meetings to good time, having taken the gavel from David, and run the raffle draw very efficiently.

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It was lovely to welcome back Margaret Latham (a very long-time member of the club and Committee member who lived near the Village Hall) and Robin Lack, our Vice-President, who kindly agreed to present the prizes.

Pictures of the engraved trophies (which will end up in the Bowls Club or Windsor Museum – details to be confirmed) follow.  If you click on one it will create a slideshow.  I’ve set the pictures up as A4 so if you’d like to print a copy for yourself just save.  It was my intention to have a copy ready for you at the Xmas lunch.  However, Clive will attest to my efforts (using sheets, boards and white paper) to create an environment where the shiny reflections would be reduced.  It took too long and you will see that the results are by no means perfect!  But they do record the engravings for the 2018 competition and some earlier successes.  By the way, the bold and underlined headings show what is actually on the trophy.  You will see that the club appears in different names – having studied them at close quarters I have come to the conclusion that some of the people who donated them were confused and got the name wrong when ordering the original trophy!  It matters not.

After the presentations Robin Lack said a few kind words about the club of which he had been a member for many, many years.  Indeed he knew various people named on the trophies.

Chairman, Brian Webb, closed the “formal” (although fairly boisterous) proceedings with more kind words and we assembled for a group photograph:

2018-12-06 The final group photo

Left to right:
Jane, Rene, Judith, Margaret, Christine, Eve, Pam, Rodney, Pam, Peter, Joan, Liz, Peter, Brian, Chris, Catherine, Rosemary, Dave, Maisie, Linda, Pat, Janet, Agnes, Alan, Carolann, Robin, Helen, Clive, Susan, Maureen, Geoff, Martie, Barbara, and Jean.

Unfortunately Christina and Moira both had to leave very promptly and so escaped the picture taking.

I realised, only just recently, that I had not posted the photos from the November Photo Competition.  So let me fill that gap now:

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So, we are now defunct!  But only as a club.  We hope to meet up in the future – indeed our first outing has been organised and the applications are starting to materialise.

Thank you all for being such a lovely bunch of people.  I’ve had 20 years of fun and games with you all!

Kind regards to everyone – Chris Parnell (ex-Secretary and Treasurer).


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