The stated object of the Association as printed in the Rules and Regulations is “… the promotion and advancement of the Science and Practice of Horticulture”.  In reality this is true, but we aim to be as open and welcoming as possible and do not expect members or visitors to have green fingers or to “know all the Latin names”!  Anyone with the slightest interest in flowers, fruit, vegetables, trees, wildlife, plants and gardens is very welcome to become a member or join us at any meeting.

Our monthly meetings are the perfect place to come and meet your friends or to make new ones. Just give us a try.

Membership of Sunningdale & District Gardening Association

Anyone can join. The annual subscription is £10 with a meeting fee of £1.  Visitors are always welcome and their meeting fee is £3 which includes refreshments.


Research shows that we date back to 1889; a much more colourful history that we had first thought.   From professional gardeners who managed the gardens of local big houses through war time Dig for Victory to the cheery amateurs who just love their gardens and allotments today.  Membership was originally men only; five shillings for Head Gardeners and two shillings and sixpence for Under Gardeners. It took just two weeks to change the subs to 2/6d for all.  Although nothing in the rules had prevented them, women were actually encouraged to join after July 1945 when it was recognized that more were taking up gardening as an occupation.

The club has flourished under a series of Committees, Chairmen, and Secretaries.  Gradually we have built up a set of trophies, most in honour of past members.  These are keenly contended each year.

In 2009 we became SADGA (Sunningdale & District Gardening Association).  Thanks to local historian, Peter O’Kill, our origins and progression through the years is captured in our 125th anniversary 32-page booklet with an introductory message from Alan Titchmarsh

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